Open Gym: 4pm – 5:45pm
Come work on your Goat, Make up a missed WOD, or try something new!

Recently this photo has been floating around the Crossfit community and it finally reached my FaceBook page. Pictured below is Nikki Hilliard Goldin, owner and operator of CrossFit 1525. The first photo was taken in January of 2010, age 41, and the one the right was taken this year at age 44. Her results are not uncommon for those of us who are in the know. This photo is awesome in more ways the one. The initial photo shows a woman, whom I can only assume had up to that point in her life, lived a life with a diet consisting of high amounts of grains and carbohydrates, one low in fat and probably average to low in protein. Now before someone jumps down my throat, I do not know this woman, I can only speak from her aesthetic appeal.


So lets think of one of my favorite questions about CrossFit and women lifting heavy weights. “I do not want to lift weights, it will make me bulky.” “I dont want to get big.” Well, if I had a dollar for every time I have heard any of these statements. Yes in fact working out and lifting weights will increase the density and cross sections of one’s muscle tissue. This is science, it is fact, whether you believe it or not, science is proven. Does this change in size result in a woman going from an average, athletic build and magically turn her into John Welbourn? I highly doubt it. There are basic physiological biomarkers that do not allow people to go beyond their own genetic potential. In particular, lifting weights and eating a “Paleo-ish” diet will not ever do anything to your body but allow it to reach its best genetic potential. There are things at work, genetics, skeletal structure, etc, that inhibit this from occurring…Now before I go on to dig myself into some hole that I cannot seem to dig myself out of, lets get back to the picture. Which picture do you think looks better?

All this bring me to my point. With Summer just around the corner, I can’t think of a better way to get ready then with a CrossFit nutrition challenge! It’s just an idea right now but once I finalize how long, type of diet, and prizes “even though a body change is a good prize“, we will start!

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